“In Mayan “papelote” means “kite” ...

… here WHO WE ARE

Papelote Surf School is an amateur sport association whose goal is to unify young and adults in the name of sport and develop in harmony and mutual respect of sport. In particular, the association promotes all kinds of activities related to kite surfing and sport in general through the organization of courses, manifestations, trips and other sport-related events. We have rich experience teaching kiteboarding and knowing better this great sport (we teach kite surf at Como lake since 2003) as well as other activities that you’ll find out once you join us. All of this stems from the willingness of the founder Antonio Salzone (Tony). For more details, see the Statute of our association: Statuto Papelote Surf School.



Our instructors are highly qualified IKO, with multi-year teaching experience, guided by the great passion for sport. They are always available to respond to your requests and give you the most suitable advice in order to improve your skills, both on land or in water. They will guide you in each lesson, bringing you safely to a level of total autonomy.


He has been teaching kitesufing  for more than 15 years at Lake Como and many of the kitesurfers you’ll probably meet around the lake are trained by him.  The sport has always been a key element in Tony’s life, starting from athletics to kickboxing, first black belt and a FIAM (Italian Martial Arts Federation) instructor later. After ten years of windsurf experience, he started practicing kite surf in 2000, obtained his instructor diploma in 2002 and from 2003 on kitesurfing has become part of his professional life. He founded his first school at Lake Como in 2003 and many of the people practicing kitesurfing on the lake have taken lessons from him. Tony has organized numerous summer camps and sport events such as the Bomboklat Free Style from 2007 to 2011, a year that marks his separation from the school in order to undertake new directions that enrich him with new and genuine experiences.  Tony has practiced wind and kitesurfing  in different parts of the world, searching for the pleasure of following the wind, riding the waves and find himself in different situations. He also became familiar with new cultures that broadened his view of world. Papelote Surf and Kite School is a new kitesurf school at Como Lake and organizes courses for all levels. He is the founder of A.S.D. Papelote Surf School.

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