Retrobottega - Cooperativa Sociale Onlus KWA KUSAIDIA project prints t-shirts and jackets. Retrobottega is a young laboratory with long-standing experience in the customization and sales of apparel and promotional materials. Thanks to its personnel's competences and expertise acquired through the years, our laboratory is able to offer to our clients a high quality service. The combination of competences, adequate structure and specific equipment, allows Retrobottega to implement projects of small, medium and large quantities while maintaining the high quality of the final product.


Bazar Cafè (dal Pola) - Bar Tabacchi shop Kiosk Gifts ... more of everything!!

Tabularasateam - is a website platform dedicated to kite surf, snowboard and other extreme sports, a place where the virtual community of sport fans can exchange advices, recommendations, tell trip stories, share opinion on equipment ...


Kitesurfing - If you need information on the world of Kitesurf, visit the website of the Italian Kitesurf.

B&B Zia Vivina - Zia Vivina a Sorico (CO) - loc. Pontaccio - Como Lake